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Revoltech Robo is here!
last modified: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 (4:07:59 PM CST)
Man! It's been a long 2 months, but the wait is finally over...I'm having too much fun for a detailed review, so enjoy some pics:






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New Giant Robo Anime - FREE Online!
last modified: Thursday, January 18, 2007 (4:56:54 PM CST)
I'm watching it RIGHT NOW!!!!

Crosspost from A-Beta:

Looks like the 1st episode is 'Free'. Can't say if the rest will be, but each episode will be aired online first, then on Pay-Per-View Cable. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping all will be free online.

In order to see the freebie, you have to register. Don't know Japanese?


No problem, they were kind enough to walk you through the process.

Not sure if it's worth the effort?


Latest trailer at YouTube.

I'm liking the music on the trailer, I hope it is a sign of things to come.
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Viva La Revoltech!
last modified: Sunday, November 26, 2006 (1:47:10 AM CST)
I've been mildly interested in Revoltech cuz they released the popular robots like Eva and Getter. BUT, I never even considered this:

Coming in 2007!!


The articulation and details are just mind boggling! Can't wait for GR-2 in Feb/Mar 07!

Oh, btw, they're releasing an Optimus Prime in the same wave, that looks awesome too!
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Tetsujin 28 Anime Movie in 3/2007!!!
last modified: Thursday, November 16, 2006 (2:50:46 PM CST)
Why is this news in my GR blog?

Good question! Let's start with a quick history lesson:

Back in early 1990's Yasuhiro Imagawa wanted to direct a new Tetsujin 28 OVA, but, for what ever reason, the studio said he could use any of Mitsuteru Yokoyama's other manga titles. So, in 1992 Imagawa unleashed to the anime world - Giant Robo: The Animation, which wasn't so much an adaptation of the original manga, but a new story staring only the original duo of Daisaku and Giant Robo. The kicker was that the supporting cast of characters all came from other Yokoyama's work except the staring duo from Tetsujin 28 (though there are a few references).

12 years later Imagawa finally gets his wish and directs the 4th animated Tetsujin 28 TV series. This time he is much more faithful to the source material, but he does throw in a GR reference or two.

Still with me? Good ^_^;

2007 will be the year of the G-Robo cuz it's the 40th anniversary of the Original Giant Robo manga.
As I posted in a pervious blog entry, there will be new GR anime, but sadly Imagawa is not involved. But he is scripting one of the 2 new GR manga. That story has being serialized in Champion Red magazine.

After shelving the movie in September due to production troubles, it has now been reported that the movie will be released in theaters in March 2007!

So why should GR fans be excited?
Well, the OVA GR - The day the earth stood still was only one chapter in the GR universe Imagawa had created. And in a couple of interviews Imagawa hinted that the other chapters may get the chance to be told, in one way or another. Many fans had hoped the Tetsujin 28 TV show would have been one way to get more GR story. But it seems that the movie could be one of these rumored GR chapters. See, this movie is a completely new story by Imagawa and the title is:

Tetsujin 28:白昼の残月

Many translation programs translate it to: pale morning moon at daylight.

But, as many GR fans know it can also be interperted as: Zangetsu the Midday! Which is a character from the OVA and is member of Big Fire's Magnificent 10! Many mysteries surround this character. In fact, one of the untold GR stories is called: Birth of Zangetsu the Midday!

Yeah, it's a lot of speculation at this point, and anything can happen, good or bad. But many GR fans feel that each new Imagawa project is one step closer to that final GR showdown between the Experts of Justice and Big Fire!! That's all we want, a little closure ^_^
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Pumpkin-Robo! Today only!
last modified: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 (3:33:55 PM CST)
I got nothing new to add to my gallery, so I did a quick PS job on one of my alternate banners...its on my home/main page.

Happy Halloween!

Did you miss it? http://www.gr-project.com/images/splash-o-ween.jpg
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"Cel collecting sucks!" yeah?, Why don't you Blog about it?
last modified: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 (11:50:50 AM CST)
I'm just venting here, no action or solution necessary. Iím sure this isnít the first time a rant like this has been posted, so Iím guessing I may have company with my miseryÖ

It maybe obvious to some that I only collect from one animated series, and that show is now 15 years old with only 7 episodes. Given that, I am aware that cels will be more scarce. So, why is it, in the past 8-12 months, I can NOT land a single Y!J decent cel auction? Granted, I have to use a proxy service, which bids a 10-8 hours before closing, which is huge window to get out bid. This hasn't been a problem in the past, so why now? I know that about 10% of the folks here even know about this show, and less have seen it! And I havenít seen any of these showing up here? (which might be a good thing) So whatís going on? I know the demand hasnít really changed cuz dozens of average cels have been on the block for months now without a single bid. Iím not insinuating that just cuz I collect only one show, that Iím entitled to win every auction, but some consideration would be nice (Iíll even take some pity at this point).

Ugh, I guess thatís the curse of collecting only one show. If I had a more diverse collection, I could drown my sorrows by buying a cel from some other show. I do collect more than just cels from this show, but according to the rules here, I can not display them, if I could, it may take the sting out of missing the opportunity to add to my gallery...

"This rant has been brought to you today by the Letter Q and the Number 5."
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OMFG! New GR Manga & Anime!
last modified: Friday, August 18, 2006 (4:55:58 PM CST)
Yeah, there was a new manga a couple of years ago, which many hoped would spark a new anime. But the magazine folded after only after 3 issues and with it the hopes and dreams of many a GR fan.(one chapter did see print in the 3rd issue of Torauma Manga Magazine [Toramaga])
Imagawa's work on the new Tetsujin 28 TV series helped fill the void for classic Robot action. Which brings us to... G-ROBO!

(as of 7/25/06) According to a preview ad in the latest issue of Champion RED(チャンピオンRED) a new GR story will start in the October issue. The artist is Yasunari Toda, of s-CRY-ed and Gundam Seed Astray R manga fame. Imagawa's name is mentioned in the ad. Could this be one if his story arcs left over from the GR OVA?

Anyone know where one can find Champion Red(チャンピオンRED)? Any leads would be greatly appreciated - thanks ^_^

Now, close on the heels of this news, Softgarage launches this web site(8/06):
Announcing "In 2007 the 'Legend' will come out".
Is this anime related to the new/original manga, the OVA, or even the live action series? Is Imagawa and former staff involved? So many questions! Only time will tell...
To Be Continued...
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"Ya make me wanna SHOUT!"
last modified: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 (11:52:41 AM CST)
Well, not that anyone has noticed(and that's ok), but my gallery has been put on the back burner for the last month or so. And not cuz I don't have anything to scan but I was obsessed with a new enhancement. I feel that my latest addition on the home page was well worth the set back in my gallery

So...After, weeks of blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights, I've finally finished my own shout box! Go ahead, give it a try ^_^

I've tested it in FireFox and IE, but I'm sure there are bugs hiding. Building this was a nightmare and to keep my sanity, I will resume the simple task of scanning.
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Gratuitous Weblog Entry ^_^;
last modified: Friday, June 30, 2006 (3:56:55 PM CST)
Sorry, just couldn't help myself...wanted to see my new gallery link image. Be patient and don't 'blink' or you'll miss it!

I'll try to make this a more relevant entry...

Started to add the actual, corresponding screen grabs (Chujo,Hanzui,Shizuma, so far). A tedious process, yet very rewarding. I am a little disappointed that so many of my cels in my gallery are from the same episode...[sarcasm] I'd like to watch other episodes frame by frame, all night long ;P [/sarcasm] Anyway, I do like to see the individual cel vs. the final shot, becasue sometimes so much of the actual cel is not used and or seen. Granted, within the context of the actual animation much more is seen by way of zooming/panning, etc. Still, cels have this sort of intimacy that is only noticable when holding it in your hands...*blinks*...Ooo-kay...on that note..enough ramblings from a Newbie RS Curator...Enjoy!

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Boo! Technology sucks, yo!
last modified: Thursday, May 11, 2006 (10:57:53 AM CST)
Ok, there's a chance that I might be uploading just model sheets for a while. Turns out my scanner at home is acting up. For the past 3-4 years, I've only been scanning b/w line art. No problems...I do a color scan last night, YELLOW STREAKS!

Not good.

I go under the hood, do some quick canned air, streaks gone, but now the colors are off!!! I'm gonna try a detailed cleaning of the mirrors with proper supplies and see how that turns out. If that fails, until I get a replacment, I'm forced to scan on my lunch breaks at work, and I'm not to fond of carting cels around =(

BTW, its a HP Scanjet 5p, about 7-8 years old, so it maybe time for an upgrade.
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I got my work cut out for me ^_^;
last modified: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 (1:21:19 AM CST)
Whew! I just finished perusing over many of the fine galleries here and I'm impressed. Of course, I searched for fellow GR collectors and I was blown away (and a little jealous) by everyone's collections. Sorta makes me embarrassed to go through my meager collection...but don't worry, I'll keep scanning. It's just overwhelming to look at my pile yet only have 3 cels in my gallery. Sure would have been easier to scan as they were accquired...hindsight as they say...It'll be worth it when it's all done, I'm sure.

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last modified: Monday, May 08, 2006 (12:28:59 PM CST)
I'm not a fan of web-logs from a writing stand point, so we'll see how this goes. Expect to see only GR related posts...
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