Giant Robo: The Art Collection
Production art of Operation Earth Stand Still!

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The G-Robo Shout Box!

News & Updates

2/7/2012Time for some looong over due updates...If anyone is still interested, that is.
10/24/2008Finally got around to adding my favorite character...Lord Alberto! If interest lasts, I may add more...sooner than later.
2/6/2007Added Pencil board section and my first Cervantes cel!
9/28/2006The 'Shout Box" seems to be holding up well. Thanks to those that took the time to post :D It's not a cel update, but I did add a GR wallpaper maker. Check it out!

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Title Last Updated
Giant Robo Cels - Group Shots 2/7/2012
Giant Robo Cels - Opening 12/24/2008
Giant Robo Cels - Alberto 12/22/2008
Giant Robo Cels - Cervantes 2/6/2007
Giant Robo Cels - Chujo 2/23/2007
Giant Robo Cels - Daisaku 2/23/2010
Giant Robo Cels - Doki 2/7/2012
Giant Robo Cels - Dr. Shizuma 6/28/2006
Giant Robo Cels - Fitzgerald 1/4/2007
Giant Robo Cels - Genya 7/19/2006
Giant Robo Cels - Giant Robo 1/6/2010
Giant Robo Cels - GinRei 6/23/2006
Giant Robo Cels - Hanzui 6/19/2006
Giant Robo Cels - Keppuu-Ren 2/23/2007
Giant Robo Cels - Koushin 5/11/2006
Giant Robo Cels - Tetsugyu 6/19/2006
Giant Robo Cels - Vogler 5/10/2006

Genga/Douga Sets

Settei - Big Fire 12/17/2006
Settei - Experts 12/18/2006
Settei - Locations 12/18/2006
Settei - Mecha - Big Fire 12/12/2006
Settei - Mecha - Experts 5/12/2006
Settei - Mecha - Giant Robo 5/12/2006
Settei - Mecha - Misc. 5/12/2006
Settei - The Scientists

Tetsugyu's Photo-Op

Giant Robo: Other Art 11/21/2011
Phone Cards 1/11/2007
Shitajiki (Pencil Boards) 2/6/2007

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